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Already as a child Natascha felt magically attracted by the power of craftsmanship, whether it was the sewing work of the mother or the baked goods of the father. She retained this creative vein and over the years she grew up with an enormous desire for creativity. Especially during her captivity, the time of distraction was scarce and she often longed for some sort of activity to break that vicious circle of thoughts. With the magazines that Natascha occasionally received from the captor, an idea finally came to her. Just a few days later her first collection of jewellery (actually paper) was created, which she made from unusual material for imaginary persons. The idea of the later goldsmith’s education was therefore not a random choice, but anchored long and deep inside. And even if Natascha did not complete it, she acquired an important theoretical foundation of knowledge at the time of her education.

The flower is the leitmotiv of the premiere collection “fiore” and symbolizes the life of Natascha. Further, flowers are creatures that, seemingly irrespective of time and space, begin to blossom again and again – an allegory on the beauty of existence. Natascha too, has never lost her will or given up the hope of once again leading a life of freedom. She had to thrive on her own to free herself, without any help. Today she blossoms in full splendour and exudes an incredible positivity. Natascha finally feels free, strong and beautiful at once!

Natascha’s collection is available in three different colours: silver, yellow gold (gold plated) and rose gold (also gold plated).


925 Silver, Rosé Gold Plated, Zircon

Pendant Size

9mm x 16mm x 5mm

Necklace Length

Single size (resizeable 40cm – 46cm)